Bravo Kiwi
Author:Craig Wilson
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No Place to Hide
Author:James R. Flynn (University of Otago, New Zealand)
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Sorted: A Curious Kiwi Book of Lists
Author:Rosemary Hepozden
Reading Level:near fine
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The Health of the People
Author:David Skegg
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A Short History of New Zealand
Author:Gordon McLauchlan
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Scarfie Flats of Dunedin
Author:Sarah Gallagher
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The Shearers
Author:Ruth Entwistle Low
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Odyssey of the Unknown Anzac
Author:David Hastings
Reading Level:near fine
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The Post-Snowden Era : Mass Surveillance and Privacy in New Zealand (BWB Texts)
Author:Kathleen Kuehn
Series:BWB Texts Ser.
Reading Level:Very Good
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Geering and God: 1965-71: The Heresy Trial That Divided New Zealand (BWB Texts)
Author:Lloyd Geering
Reading Level:very good
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