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Youth is wholly experimental.Robert Louis Stevenson in Letter to a Young Gentleman
When We Wake (#1)
Author:Karen Healey
Series:When We Wake
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My Brother's Name is Jessica
Author:John Boyne
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The Red Suitcase
Author:Jill Harris
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Author:Tina Shaw
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Donnel's Promise (Cattra #2)
Author:Anna Mackenzie
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When the Cat's Away
Author:Jackie Rutherford
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The Time Travel Diaries
Author:Caroline Lawrence
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A Skinful of Shadows
Author:Frances Hardinge
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The Witch's Warning (Aberrations #2)
Author:Joseph Delaney
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Sticking With Pigs
Author:Mary-Anne Scott
Reading Level:very good
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Lies Like Love
Author:Louisa Reid
Series:Black Heart Blue
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Invisibly Breathing
Author:Eileen Merriman
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