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100 Scientists Who Made History

100 Scientists Who Made History

Author: Dorling Kindersley Publishing Staff
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From brainy biologists and clever chemists to magnificent mathematicians and pioneering physicists, discover 100 remarkable scientists who shaped our world. Containing a universe of knowledge, 100 Scientists Who Made History tells the story of the people who increased our grasp of almost everything around us. From Aristotle and Rosalind Franklin, to Marie Curie and Brian Cox, get the low down on the people whose thirst for knowledge has shaped the way we live today. With beautiful photography and illustrations, 100 Scientists Who Made History is a fascinating look at the most important scientists and their discoveries. It's the perfect way for kids to meet science's most important people.

Table of contents

1: Perceptive pioneers1: Aristotle2: Greek greats1: Pythagoras2: Empedocles3: Democritus4: Euclid5: Hypatia4: Archimedes5: Hippocrates6: Zhang Heng7: Claudius Galen8: Al-Khwarizmi9: Avicenna10: Averroes11: Fibonacci12: Francis Bacon2: Brilliant biologists1: Hildegard of Bingen2: Mary Anning3: Seeing things1: Alhazen2: Roger Bacon3: Willebrord Snell4: Antonie van Leeuwenhoek5: Patricia Bath4: Robert Hooke5: Carl Linnaeus6: Charles Darwin7: Gregor Mendel8: Nettie Stevens9: Thomas Hunt Morgan10: Alexander Fleming11: Franklin, Crick, and Watson12: Inge Lehmann13: Live James Lovelock14: Charles David Keeling15: Medical masterminds1: Edward Jenner2: Jonas Salk3: Paul Ehrlich4: Francoise Barre-Sinoussi5: Joshua Lederberg3: Clever chemists1: Robert Boyle2: Joseph Black3: Joseph Priestly4: Alessandro Volta6: Michael Faraday7: Louis Pasteur8: Dmitri Mendeleev9: Inventive chemists1: Charles Goodyear2: Leo Baekeland3: Percy Julian4: Stephanie Kwolek5: George William Gray10: The Curies11: Alice Ball12: Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin13: Barbara McClintock4: Phenomenal physicists1: Leonardo da Vinci2: Nicolaus Copernicus3: Galileo Galilei4: Johannes Kepler5: Christiaan Huygens6: Edmond Halley7: Henriette Swan Leavitt8: Isaac Newton9: James Clerk Maxwell10: Ernest Rutherford11: Albert Einstein12: J Robert Oppenheimer13: Penzias and Wilson14: Quantum physicists1: James Chadwick2: Werner Heisenberg3: Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar4: Richard Feynman5: Peter Higgs15: Edwin Hubble16: Vera Rubin17: Stephen Hawking5: Incredible inventors1: James Watt2: Rudolf Diesel3: Computing creatives1: Ada Lovelace2: Grace Murray Hopper3: John von Neumann4: Anne Easley5: Tim Berners-Lee4: Wilhelm Rontgen5: C V Raman6: Nikola Tesla7: Joseph Lister8: Alan Turing9: Alfred Nobel10: Ali Javan11: Rachel Carson12: Communicators1: David Attenborough2: Carl Sagan3: Dava Sobel3: Bill Nye4: Neil DeGrasse Tyson6: Let's applaud...7: Glossary8: Index9: Acknowledgments

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